On October 10th in Nancy, France, within an IEEE I&M France Chapter/GDR SoC2 Workshop Prof. Sergio Saponara from University of Pisa, Italy, held an IEEE IMS DL about ACES (autonomous, connected, electrified and shared) vehicles and related instruments and measurement/perception tools. The IEEE DL presented the opportunities and challenges of the ACES trends, with a focus on high-performance machine-perception sensors (like Radar, Lidar, Camera), navigation and positioning technologies (Inertial Measurement Units, Global Position/Navigation Satellite Systems). The challenge of the High-Performance Computing, needed on-board the vehicles to process in real-time such large amount of data, using either deterministic signal and data processing techniques or new machine learning and AI tools, have been also discussed. To this aim, the opportunities offered by the European Processor Initiative H2020 project have been also presented.

The report from the lecture can also be found here.

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