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European Processor
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partnership agreement
in European low-power



European independence in High Performance Computing Processor Technologies

EU Exascale machine based on EU processor by 2023

Based on solid, long-term economic model, Go beyond HPC market

Address the needs of European industry (car manufacturing market)



High Performance Computing needs for Exascale machines beyond 2022

Connected mobility & Autonomous Driving computing needs beyond 2023

Low power CPU needs for Servers and Cloud

Other markets under exploration (Server and Cloud)



Strengthening the competitiveness and leadership of European industry and science

European microprocessor technology with drastically better performance/power ratios

Tackling important segments of broader and/or emerging HPC and Big-Data markets




EPI Live

Thumbs up for EPI Poster at the RISC-V Summit 2019😃👍 Nick Kossifidis from @FORTH_ITE @CarvForth discussing with @Calista_Redmond, CEO of the RISC-V Foundation and Jeffrey Osier-Mixon from the Linux Foundation @riscv #RISCVSummit #RISCV https://t.co/LLvxPmersK
12/12/2019 7:53 am
What a venue to present EPI😃! Fabrizio Magugliani from @e4company presented at the IBM AI Bologna - Anomaly detection in Finance & AutoAI, focused on the field of AI implementations for detecting anomalies in data series applied mainly to the financial market. https://t.co/YGFIhLM1HI
06/12/2019 8:30 am
Congrats to Etienne and our @MontBlanc_Eu colleagues 🙂🥳 https://t.co/NFaitGwiZ1
11/12/2019 2:56 pm
Today at an #IEEE event in #Bordeaux, EPI's Sergio Saponara held a Distinguished Lecture. https://t.co/IDn6DUNUS6
03/12/2019 4:27 pm
#Autonomous #Connected #Electrified #Shared (A.C.E.S.) discussed, but in beautiful Italian😍, from our partners at the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’ Informazione from the @Unipisa who work on EPI https://t.co/eZx2GxoMDy
09/12/2019 2:24 pm
Hats off to our colleague from ETHZ: the best way to finish the first year of EPI - with an award for an EPI paper presented today at #ICECS2019 🥳🥳🤜🤛 https://t.co/0eO9C7pjln
29/11/2019 2:50 pm