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The European Processor Initiative gathers 30 partners from 10 European countries to develop the processor and ensure that the key competence of high-end chip design remains in Europe. Here you can find news related to the Consortium and their participation in numerous events.



Register to Arm SVE Hackathon 2022 organised by @BSC_CNS! 💪🏻 Read more information here ⬇️
29/09/2022 10:54 am
Read @HPCwire Q&A with our Chairman of the Board Eric Monchalin (@Atos) 👇
12/09/2022 6:25 am
.@TheOfficialACM Summer School on HPC Computer Architectures for AI and Dedicated Applications, co-hosted by @BSC_CNS and @la_UPC starts on Monday! 🥳 Many EPI partners will have lectures, more information can be found here👇
26/08/2022 8:31 am
📢 Check out The IoT Radar interview with our Chairman of the Board, Eric Monchalin from @Atos! 📢 Thank you, @WisseHettinga and the team, for giving us the opportunity to present our work! 🥳
23/06/2022 9:34 am

EPI EPAC1.0 RISC-V Test Chip Samples Delivered

Another step closer to demonstrate the capabilities of a RISC-V based European microprocessor The European Processor Initiative (EPI), a project with 28 partners from 10 European countries, with the goal of making EU achieve independence in HPC chip technologies and HPC infrastructure, is proud to announce that EPAC1.0 RISC-V Test Chip samples were delivered […]

EPI to take centre stage at the ACM Europe Summer School on HPC Computer Architectures for AI and Dedicated Applications

Taking place on 30 August – 3 September 2021, the second ACM Europe Summer School on HPC Computer Architectures for AI and Dedicated Applications will be co-hosted by Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), in conjunction with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Barcelona Tech (UPC). The programme of this year’s summer school, which will be fully […]

EPI EPAC1.0 RISC-V core boots Linux on FPGA

EPI team successfully boots Linux on our EPAC 1.0 core subset implemented on FPGA.

3 new R&I projects to boost the digital sovereignty of Europe

The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) has launched 3 new research and innovation projects. The projects aim to bring the EU and its partners in the EuroHPC JU closer to developing independent microprocessor and HPC technology and advance a sovereign European HPC ecosystem. The European Processor Initiative (EPI SGA2), The European PILOT […]
Mateo Valero is celebrating his 70th birthday with the "MATEO 2022 - Multicore Architectures and Their Effective Operation" workshop! 👉 EPI team wishes the happiest birthday and everything good in the year ahead to our colleague Mateo! 🥳
01/09/2022 12:30 pm
RT @pulp_platform: Our ControlPULP, a scalable RISC-V power controller for HPC Processors is a hit! Learn more about this work from Andrea…
25/08/2022 8:55 am
Lilia Zaourar from @CEA_Officiel had a keynote at the @hipeac Conference titled "European Processor Initiative: A full co-design approach based on multi-level simulation." Find more information information about the workshop here 👉
21/06/2022 9:37 am

Eric Monchalin is the new Chairman of the EPI Board

General Assembly of European Processor Initiative has selected a new Chairman of the Board in July. Eric Monchalin from Atos, the company that coordinates the EPI project, is going to lead 28 partners from 10 countries in their efforts to design and implement a roadmap for a new family of low-power European processors. Eric is […]

EPI EPAC1.0 RISC-V Test Chip Taped-out

European Processor Initiative has successfully released EPAC1.0 Test Chip for fabrication

EPI team at HiPEAC 2021

EPI team participated in several activities at HIPEAC2021.
We are happy to share that the paper "True Random Number Generator Based on Fibonacci-Galois Ring Oscillators for FPGA" by EPI's partner @Unipisa has been selected as one of the top 20 cited papers 🥳 More information here 👇
14/09/2022 11:21 am
.@TheOfficialACM Summer School on HPC Computer Architectures for AI and Dedicated Applications, co-hosted by @BSC_CNS and @la_UPC has started! 💪 We are looking forward to interesting lectures and networking. 😊
29/08/2022 7:32 am
Tim Hotfilter from @KITKarlsruhe had a presentation at the IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI in Cyprus titled "Data Movement Reduction for DNN Accelerators: Enabling Dynamic Quantization Through an eFPGA." Find more information here 👉
06/07/2022 2:26 pm

Successful conclusion of European Processor Initiative Phase One

The European Processor Initiative (EPI) has successfully completed its first three-year phase, delivering cutting-edge technologies for European sovereignty on time and within a limited budget, despite the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic Highlights include the Rhea general-purpose processor, EPI accelerator proof of concept and embedded high-performance microcontroller for automotive applications The successful completion of this […]

EuroHPC JU regulation published in the Official Journal of the European Union

Regulation on EuroHPC JU establishment adopted

Infineon’s Knut Hufeld Discusses Automotive Developments in EPI

Knut Hufeld, Senior Director R&D with Infineon and an Automotive Stream representative in EPI, talked about the developments in the stream with Ralf Hartmann. 
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