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The European Processor Initiative gathers 28 partners from 10 European countries to develop the processor and ensure that the key competence of high-end chip design remains in Europe. Here you can find news related to the Consortium and their participation to numerous events.



@pulp_platform Bianca, always the looker! ❤️
04/06/2021 12:43 pm
This Friday, an online #Cybersecurity in #Automotive workshop will be organized by the Department of Engineering from the @Unipisa EPI team! Register to attend here:!
19/05/2021 8:49 am
Our friends from @Evolve_H2020 are working on the "Evolve Ecosystem – The European Network for Evolve’s Large-Scale Testbed”! Check it out here 👉 and subscribe!
23/04/2021 7:48 am
Don't forget 👉📢 #RISCV Week is starting today: RISC-V meeting and #OpenHW Day, with several of our colleagues participating! @risc_v @UniboMagazine @ETH_en @SIPEARL_SAS @BSC_CNS @semidynamics
30/03/2021 6:46 am

EPI EPAC1.0 RISC-V core boots Linux on FPGA

EPI team successfully boots Linux on our EPAC 1.0 core subset implemented on FPGA.

European Processor Initiative: Second year of activities

The European Processor Initiative, a project with 27 partners from 10 European countries, with the goal of helping the EU achieve independence in HPC technologies, is finishing its second year of activities. The project is unveiling an updated roadmap and announcing a virtual booth at Supercomputing.

EPI @ ESIWACE Virtual Workshop

Jean-Marc Denis and Jesus Labarta presented at the ESIWACE virtual workshop.
[PRESS RELEASE] 📢 EPI is proud to announce that we have successfully released #EPAC 1.0 Test Chip for #fabrication! 😀🙌 Read all about it here:
01/06/2021 6:02 am
@pulp_platform We're late to the congratulations, but still, bravo Stefan! 🎉🎯
03/05/2021 8:58 am
Mont-Blanc project ends today, but the results of their work most certainly do not! Thank you for all the hard work! 👏🏻
31/03/2021 7:03 am
The #EHPCSW is starting! On Thursday, our team from @e4company, @UniboMagazine, and @Cineca1969 will attend the Science Day and discuss the topic titled HW/SW #codesign for #EnergyEfficiency and Performance: Charting the Path towards #Exascale Computing!
22/03/2021 10:20 am

EPI team at HiPEAC 2021

EPI team participated in several activities at HIPEAC2021.

Jean-Marc Denis at Korea Supercomputing Conference 2020

Jean-Marc Denis, EPI's Chairman of the Board, was invited to KSC20 as a keynote speaker with a talk titled "The European approach for exascale ages. The road toward sovereignty”.

V for vector: software exploration of the vector extension of RISC-V

Introduction The European Processor Initiative (EPI) is building a new central processing unit (CPU) with European technology. This CPU will bundle an accelerator, based on the open source RISC-V architecture. This accelerator will include support for the upcoming V-extension of RISC-V. At the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), we have been busy at work building software […]

EPI EPAC1.0 RISC-V Test Chip Taped-out

European Processor Initiative has successfully released EPAC1.0 Test Chip for fabrication
Don't miss the ceremony! 🎉
03/05/2021 8:56 am
@MontBlanc_Eu @Arm @Atos @Kalrayinc Thank you for all the great things you've done and congratulations ✅⚡👏🏻
31/03/2021 7:01 am

Infineon’s Knut Hufeld Discusses Automotive Developments in EPI

Knut Hufeld, Senior Director R&D with Infineon and an Automotive Stream representative in EPI, talked about the developments in the stream with Ralf Hartmann. 

EPI and European Exascale Projects at Supercomputing

European Processor Initiative and EU exascale projects will share a virtual booth at Supercomputing2020.

EC Sets New Ambition for Supercomputing

Ursula von der Leyen said EC would invest 8 billion € into supercomputers.
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