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17 10
IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture
The IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture® is the premier forum for presenting, discussing, and debating innovative microarchitecture ideas and techniques for advanced computing and communication systems. This symposium brings together researchers in fields related to microarchitecture, compilers, chips, and systems for technical exchange on traditional microarchitecture topics and emerging research areas.
20 10
Euronaval is one of the largest exhibitions of maritime security and naval defense. It takes place every two years in Paris, France, and this year it will host 480 exhibitors from 33 countries. EPI's partner Provenrun will exhibit and also offer news on the EPI developments to its attendees.
21 10
ISSIP 2020
2020 Third International Symposium on Signal and Image Processing (ISSIP 2020) is aimed to foster the field of signal and image processing encompassing the theory and practice of algorithms and hardware that convert signals produced by artificial or natural means into a form useful for a specific purpose. EPI's CCO, Mario Kovač, will hold a keynote session titled "European Processor Initiative: Europe’s Industrial Technology Cornerstone for the Exascale Era".
28 10
Open Source Summit + Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2020
Jesus Labarta from BSC will attend the Open Source Summit and give a keynote there. The talk will describe how EPI aims at developing European processor technology for HPC and emerging application areas. Beyond leveraging Arm technology, an important objective of the project is to develop a fully owned implementation of a generic accelerator based on the RISC-V vector extension ISA. The goal of this talk is to describe the fundamental vision behind the design of such an accelerator and its architectural features. Jesus Labarta will report on the implementation status of the first version of the microarchitecture and will also present the software development vehicle (SDV) frameworks used to steer a holistic co-design approach including operating system and overall system software developments to homogenize the heterogeneous combination of different cores in the overall platform.
29 10
AI Hardware Summit
Europe is struggling to keep up with developments in machine learning at the same pace as the US and China, where many of the top labs are located and investments are significantly larger. Due to its academic strength in AI, the potential for Europe to catch up in AI research is massive and could add enormous value to its combined economic output. Institutes like the ELLIS Society are working closely with top European academics to enable Europe to perform the best fundamental AI research, but there is still a large gap in GDP investment when compared to the US and China. Given Europe’s strength in automation across industrial, robotics and autonomous vehicles manufacturing, this summit will focus on inference systems in edge computing, connecting these industries through common challenges in systems architecture/engineering. The AI Hardware Summit Europe will bring together key players across the AI hardware ecosystem to promote innovation and adoption of systems & silicon for processing AI. EPI's partner Kalray is attending and its CEO, Eric Baissus, will give an invited talk.
02 11
Performance 2020
The 38th International Symposium on Computer Performance, Modeling, Measurements and Evaluation will be held online from 2nd November to 6th November 2020. The IFIP WG 7.3 Performance conference aims to bring together researchers interested in understanding and improving the performance of computing and communication systems by means of state-of-the-art quantitative models and solution techniques. The Performance conference has a long-standing tradition and has followed an 18-month cycle for many years. Recently, the interval has been changed to one year. EPI's partner E4 will attend the conference and share the latest in EPI.
15 11
The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis will be held from November 15–20, 2020, in a virtual setting. EPI team will host its virtual booth together with other European exascale projects and we are looking forward to showcasing our latest developments there.
19 11
This year's Applications in Electronics Pervading Industry, Environment and Society will be virtual, due to travel restrictions. The Conference intends to provide an opportunity of reciprocal meeting and knowledge on industrial and research activities for academicians, practitioners, and managers who operate in the field of electronic applications. Industrial liaisons and business-academy dialogue and collaborations are specifically targeted. EPI's Sergio Saponara is General Chair.
26 11
IEEE Sensors France Chapter workshop 
Since the creation of the IEEE Sensors Council France in 2018, the Board members are fully committed to initiating a strong national community on sensors, with international visibility. The first IEEE France Sensors chapter workshop in 2018, in Nancy, gathered a perfect mix of over 80 students, researchers, university professors and companies from 18 French cities. In the same dynamic, in 2019, the 2nd edition in Dijon was a success. This 3rd workshop of the IEEE SENSOR Chapter France with a collaboration with IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Chapter France has a program reflected a wide spectrum of research topics on emerging technologies in sensors, electronics, IoT, materials, biomedical…, building bridges between various research fields. Speakers of this workshop include internationally recognized experts in the relevant field of emerging technologies over France. EPI's Sergio Saponara, from the University of Pisa, will attend the workshop and discuss EPI developed technologies.
01 12
AI4People 2020 SUMMIT
The Summit to present the 7 AI Global Frameworks marks the fourth edition of the AI4People Summit. The Summit will draw on the results of the AI4People’s 2020 activity and will engage in discussion leading representatives from the European Commission, the European Parliament, business and academia. EPI's partner UNIPI represented by prof. Sergio Saponara will attend.
18 01
HiPEAC 2021
The HiPEAC 2021 will be held from January 18 to 20, 2021, in Budapest, Hungary. EPI team will participate in various workshops but will also hold a tutorial.
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