The RISC-V Week

The RISC-V Week was held from Oct 1-3, 2019 in Paris, France, encompassing two major groups of meetings: The 2nd RISC-V Meetings, organised by IRT Nanoelec and CEA and The "Scientific Day of IRT SE & GDR SOC2: RISC-V for critical embedded systems", organised by IRT St-Exupéry and GDR SOC2. European Processor Initiative was presented by Romain Dolbeau, who gave a talk titled "European Processor Initiative: challenges & opportunities for RISC-V accelerators in an HPC platform". At the same event, Denis Dutoit from CEA gave a talk titled “European Processor Initiative: First step towards a made-in-Europe high-performance microprocessor”. The materials from the event can be seen in our repository:
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01 10
@ 12:00
03 10
@ 12:00
Place: Paris, France