RISC-V workshop and Week of Open Source Hardware

The RISC-V workshop, taking place in Zurich, Switzerland, from June 11-13, will include EPI's own Luca Benini, ETH, with a keynote titled "Energy efficient computing from Exascale to MicroWatts: The RISC-V playground", touching also upon EPI.

The Week of Open Source Hardware (WOSH) follows in Zurich, from June 13 to June 14, 2019. The FOSSi Foundation and the Pulp team, with the support of H2020 projects Eurolab4HPC and OPRECOMP are organizing a FREE complementary program that covers topics around free and open source silicon, its licensing and open source EDA tools. While those events are organizationally decoupled from the RISC-V workshop, it gives free and open source silicon enthusiasts the chance to gather and discuss throughout an entire week. [description taken from https://fossi-foundation.org/wosh/]

As a part of the WOSH schedule in the afternoon segment "Challenges and opportunities for using Open Source Hardware in the academia and in the industry", several EPI consortium members will give their perspective on the topic, while EPI's CCO, Mario Kovač, will present EPI's approach. Another EPI representative, Mauro Olivieri from BSC, will give a talk titled "EPI and beyond: perspectives of a European supercomputing center on open-source hardware and software", while Per Stenstrom from Chalmers will give a talk titled "From Research Idea to Business: The ZeroPoint Story".

Full schedule is available here: https://fossi-foundation.org/wosh/#Eurolab4HPC.
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11 06
@ 12:00
14 06
@ 12:00
Place: Zurich, Switzerland