EPI First tutorial held in Barcelona

Partners from the European Processor Initiative organized and held their first public tutorial on EPI called “First steps towards a made-in-Europe high-performance microprocessor”. It was held on July 17th, at the Universita Politècnica de Catalunya, co-located with the ACM 2019 Summer school on HPC architectures for AI and dedicated applications.

EPI distinguished experts presented in front of a young and highly motivated audience, with more than 40 attendees in the audience. After a welcoming address by Fabrizio Gagliardi from BSC, presenters Andrea Bartolini (UNIBO), Mauro Olivieri (BSC), Jesús Labarta (BSC), Jaume Abella (BSC) and Francisco Cazorla (BSC) talked about the HPC landscape and the Initiative through several lectures.

The tutorial highlighted the challenges, trends on the processor’s technology in the High-performance computing market, and the opportunities for European technologies to play an active and leading role in the Exascale race.

The presenters explained why it was the right moment for a European computing platform and how EPI would address the challenge of creating an HPC platform which addresses the computing needs for future homogeneous and heterogeneous large-scale and autonomous driving automotive systems.

Presenter Andrea Bartolini, UNIBO, said after the tutorial: “It has been a pleasure to serve as the first presenter at the first EPI tutorial, co-organized at the ACM 2019 Summer school on HPC architectures for AI and dedicated applications on-going now in the beautiful Barcelona city. A new wave of young researchers and graduated students now know the challenges and opportunities which Europe is facing with EPI towards a made-in-Europe high-performance microprocessor.”

Presentations from the tutorial are available under the Dissemination and communication repository on EPI web, while the video materials of the tutorial are available at the EPI YouTube channel.

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