SiPearl Picks Ansys’s Power Signoff Solution for European Supercomputer Chip

Mario Brčić from UNIZG held a presentation, including EPI activities in Croatian NCC.

Prof. Mateo Valero attended the 22nd IEEE International Conference on HPC and Communications (HPCC-2020) and gave a keynote titled “The future of HPC will be Open”.

Chairman of EPI Board, Jean-Marc Denis, held a keynote at HPC Asia 2021.

EPI team participated in several activities in Digital HiPEAC 2021 conference: EPI Tutorial, Industrial session, and WRC workshop.

The materials are all zipped here, and a link to YT recording of the Tutorial is available.

Jean-Marc Denis gave a keynote at the 20th PC Cluster Symposium, titled “Exascale Supercomputers are game-changers for General Purpose Microprocessors. Why?”

Project press release, published on November 9, 2020, is also available in the news section:

Mateo Valero and John Davis from BSC participated in the Russian SC Days, where prof. Valero presented a talk titled “Designing and Building Supercomputers @ BSC”.

EPI’s CCO, prof. Mario Kovač, attended ISSIP 2020 and delivered a keynote titled “European Processor Initiative: Europe’s Industrial Technology Cornerstone for the
Exascale Era”.

SiPearl Joins the Compute Express Link (CXL) Consortium

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