EPI team attended the Supercomputing conference in Denver, with its own exhibition booth and four more shared partners’ booths exhibiting EPI materials. In addition to that, EPI representatives held several presentations and invited talks:

At the Arm User Group meeting, Yingchih Yang from Atos presented the EPI Design Updated, while Dirk Pleiter from Julich presented “Linear algebra on Arm-based platforms: From Neon to SVE”. EPI Chairman of the Board, Jean-Marc Denis attended the ETP4HPC BoF with an invited talk, and also the ASC HPC Connection Workshop with a talk titled “Recent Developments on EPI Program”.

The Arm Research Summit offers a unique forum where academics, researchers and industry experts come together to discuss their own projects, discover the latest developments across a wide range of different fields, and make new connections for future collaborative opportunities. The 2019 event focused on the importance of collaboration across multiple disciplines to address ever more complex computing challenges. The summit includes keynote talks, presentations, workshops and demos from experts across all fields of technology research, and plenty of all-important networking opportunities.
EPI’s Romain Dolbeau and Ying-Chih Yang presented.

EPI First tutorial called “First steps towards a made-in-Europe high-performance microprocessor” was held on July 17th, at the Universita Politècnica de Catalunya, co-located with the ACM 2019 Summer school on HPC architectures for AI and dedicated applications. Andrea Bartolini presented the introductory section, covering several aspects of the HPC processor landscape.

At the 4th IEEE Federative Event on Design for Robustness, EPI’s Ying-Chih Yang from Atos gave a keynote titled “EPI processor and its robustness requirements”.

The 1st R-CCS International Symposium summarized the efforts of the K computer, to be retired in 2019, as well as discussed emergent application fields for the Post-K and the Arm HPC ecosystem. The symposium had oral/poster sessions, invited talks, and panel discussions. EPI’s lead architect, Yingchih Yang, gave a presentation called Europe strikes back on HPC.

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