EPI Consortium members published “COMPESCE: A Co-design Approach for Memory Subsystem Performance Analysis in HPC Many-Core” at Architecture of Computing Systems (ARCS 2023) .

Here you can find a link to an open access version of the article: https://juser.fz-juelich.de/record/1019434

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-031-42785-5_8

EPI partners attended the 2nd RISC-V Week and gave several presentations:

Roger Espasa, SemiDynamics: “SemiDynamics’ High Bandwidth RISC-V Cores”,

Jesus Labarta, BSC: “The RISC-V vector processor in EPI“,

Luca Benini, UNIBO, ETHZ: “Seven Chips in Seven Years”,

Romain Dolbeau, SiPearl: “The road to RISC-V in High-Performance Computing”

At the 2nd RISC-V Meetings, organized by IRT Nanoelec and CEA and The Scientific Day of IRT SE & GDR SOC2: RISC-V for critical embedded systems, organized by IRT St-Exupéry and GDR SOC2, EPI partners held two presentations.

The first one made by Romain Dolbeau, who gave a talk titled “European Processor Initiative: challenges & opportunities for RISC-V accelerators in an HPC platform”, is available upon request due to file size. The second, done by Denis Dutoit, is available for download here. Ater an introduction on High Performance Computing new challenges and associated technology/architecture evolution, the presentation highlighted the EPI position statement on generic computing, accelerator with RISC-V and design methodology. The presentation concluded with an explanation of EPI’s roadmap towards a wide range of applications from Exascale computing to embedded HPC.

The Arm Research Summit offers a unique forum where academics, researchers and industry experts come together to discuss their own projects, discover the latest developments across a wide range of different fields, and make new connections for future collaborative opportunities. The 2019 event focused on the importance of collaboration across multiple disciplines to address ever more complex computing challenges. The summit includes keynote talks, presentations, workshops and demos from experts across all fields of technology research, and plenty of all-important networking opportunities.
EPI’s Romain Dolbeau and Ying-Chih Yang presented.

EPI’s Romain Dolbeau from Atos attended the Journée scientifique 2019 du Criann, held in Rouen, France, with a presentation titled “European Processor Initiative (EPI): a High Performance, High Efficiency Processor for HPC”.

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